Quick Answer: Do Window Shutters Add Value To A Home?

Custom Shutters and Resale Value

Plantation shutters add to the value of your home because they stay with the house.

Most window coverings are temporary and homeowners may leave them behind with the home but the choice is largely up to the owner.

Are shutters worth the cost?

Expect to spend $20 to $45 per square foot. Wood shutters will run you $200 to $350 per window, while composite shutters cost $80 to $200. So why would anyone cough up so much cash for plantation shutters anyway?

How much does it cost to install shutters on a house?

A store-bought pair of 15-inch by 63-inch raised-panel vinyl shutters can start at around $70, while a pair of custom-made painted wood shutters for a 36-inch by 66-inch window can cost $400 to $500. The hardware can cost another $100 per window, on top of installation costs if you hire a window pro.

Do shutters make a room darker?

When made for the purpose of blocking out light, darker shutters can cause the room to feel smaller and gloomier than it actually is. This is especially true if you already have darker walls, flooring and furniture present.