Does Amazon Price Match After Purchase?

Our prices do change over time.

With the exception of TVs, doesn’t offer post-purchase adjustments.

The Price Matching Help page has been updated to say that Amazon will only price match televisions with other retailers.

For other items, doesn’t offer price matching.

Will Amazon refund you if price drops?

If you purchased something on Amazon and the price drops within a week of buying it, you can request a refund on the difference! So right now if the price changes, you can only get the refund if it’s within one week of your purchase date.

Does Amazon have a price guarantee?

The pricing page also says, under the heading, “Price Matching,” that “ does not have a price-matching policy at this time.” Technically, that’s true. If you can find an item cheaper somewhere else, Amazon won’t match that price. Amazon’s 30-day price guarantee is a sort of Zen customer benefit.

How do I price match on Amazon before buying?

Here’s the skinny to make an Amazon price match happen.

  • Step 1: Find a Lower Price Online or In-Store. The first thing to do is actually find a lower price on a product that Amazon sells.
  • Step 2: Ask for an Amazon Price Match.
  • Step 3: Check Back Often for the Price Match.
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How do I get a price drop alert on Amazon?

Get Alerts When Prices Drop

If you’re keeping an eye on a particular product, you can get alerts when its price drops. Head over to, create an account and set up an alert. If the item is in stock and dips below the price threshold you set for it, you’ll be notified.