Quick Answer: Is A Cabinet Maker A Carpenter?

A carpenter can be a cabinetmaker.

But few cabinetmakers can be carpenters.

A cabinetmaker builds cabinets, millwork and furniture and works primarily in a shop.

A carpenter works on jobsites building structures out of wood and wood substitutes.

What does a cabinet maker do?

Cabinet makers make or repair furniture from solid timber, flat-panel or timber based products. Cabinet Makers may specialise in particular areas such as re-production of antique furniture, kitchen fittings, bedroom suites, office furniture, dining suites, shop fittings and occasional furniture.

Are cabinets considered millwork?

Millwork includes custom wood working pieces such as cabinets, restaurant seating, shelves, commercial storage, etc. Essentially, any work that is customized for a specific space. Otherwise, it would be considered furniture.

Do carpenters build furniture?

They may also install insulation and siding, design and build fences and decks, and even lay carpeting. As you can see, carpenters are the main tradespeople on a construction crew; in fact, the general contractor is often also a carpenter. Woodworking involves using wood to make things like furniture and cabinets.

Whats the difference between a joiner and a carpenter?

Both joiners and carpenters have many shared traits. A joiner is a trained craftsman who makes or joins the wood, usually in a workshop, whereas a carpenter constructs the timber on site. In simple terms a joiner makes the wood that a carpenter then fixes on site.