Question: Is Hip Hop The Most Popular Genre?

For the first time ever, hip-hop surpassed rock as the most popular genre in the US in 2017, according to Nielsen’s year-end report on the music industry.

Nielsen noted that the growth in popularity of the hip-hop/R&B genre was “powered by a 72% increase in on-demand audio streaming” in the genre.

Share of total music album consumption* in the United States in 2018, by genre

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Why hip hop is the best genre?

Again, race influences the genre that people are most likely to choose. The leading response among whites is classic rock (27%), followed by country (16%). Blacks are most likely to say that R&B music (28%) is the genre that best reflects their lives, followed by rap and hip-hop (17%).

Hip hop became a best-selling genre in the mid-1990s and the top selling music genre by 1999. The popularity of hip hop music continued through the 2000s, with hip hop influences also increasingly finding their way into mainstream pop.

Originally Answered: What is the most popular genre of music in the US as of 2019? According to Billboard magazine Rap/hiphop is the winner over pop by a couple of percentage points. Rock is in third place followed by r&b.