Quick Answer: Who Is Number 9 On Liverpool?

Who is the best Liverpool player 2020?

Five Liverpool players nominated for 2020 Best FIFA awardsSadio Mane.Virgil van Dijk.Mohamed Salah.Thiago Alcantara.Alisson Becker.Best FIFA Football Awards.Nov 25, 2020.

What is Fabinho number?

3Liverpool F.C. / MidfielderFabinho/Number

What numbers are the Liverpool players?

Squad Liverpool FC#playerDate of birth / Age13Adrián Adrián GoalkeeperJan 3, 1987 (34)4Virgil van Dijk V. van Dijk Centre-BackJul 8, 1991 (29)12Joe Gomez Joe Gomez Centre-BackMay 23, 1997 (23)19Ozan Kabak O. Kabak Centre-BackMar 25, 2000 (21)25 more rows

Who is the richest Liverpool player?

star Mohamed SalahThis is no surprise for anyone to know the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah is the highest-paid player for Liverpool. He earns £200,000 per week in Liverpool.

Who is the best player in Liverpool?

CM: Steven Gerrard Unquestionably, the greatest Liverpool player of his generation, the Huyton-born Steven Gerrard seemed to carry the club at times during his remarkable 17-year Anfield career. The midfielder made 504 Premier League appearances for the Reds, scoring 120 goals – many of them utterly magnificent.

Who is number 12 Liverpool?

Liverpool FC Premier League Player’s Squad Numbers from Season 2007-08 to 2020-2111Yossi BenayounMohamed Salah12Fábio AurélioJoe Gomez13Adrián14Xabi AlonsoJordan Henderson33 more rows

Can Fabinho speak English?

“Liverpool are known for this ‘rock and roll’ football,” Fabinho says, speaking through an interpreter, although he is now much more comfortable in understanding English. “I think I’ve adapted well to this even if, as a player, I like to hold onto the ball longer.”

Who is number 13 Liverpool?

AdriánLFC Squad Numbers13Adrián14Jordan Henderson15Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain17Curtis Jones19Ozan Kabak48 more rows

Who Wears No 9 Liverpool?

Robbie Fowler1. Robbie Fowler. God. Liverpool fans call him God FFS.

Who wore number 10 for Liverpool?

Sadio ManeSadio Mane will wear the No. 10 shirt for Liverpool for the 2018-19 season.

What is Fabinho full name?

Fábio Henrique TavaresFabinho/Full name

What position is Fabinho?


Who is Liverpool’s number 7?

Premier League: Shirt numbers#Players(s)7Harry Kewell, James Milner, Luis Suarez, Nigel Clough, Robbie Keane, Steve McManaman, Vladimir Smicer8Emile Heskey, Naby Keita, Øyvind Leonhardsen, Paul Stewart, Stan Collymore, Steven Gerrard81 more rows

Who is better Liverpool or Barcelona?

Currently Liverpool FC has a better 1vs1 performance index with 327. Barcelona has 67 goals and Liverpool FC has a total of 48 goals. Our opinion is that currently Liverpool FC would win the match.

Who is best defender in the world?

Ranked! The 10 best centre-backs in the worldRaphael Varane (Real Madrid)Aymeric Laporte (Manchester City) … Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid) … Milan Skriniar (Inter) … Harry Maguire (Manchester United) … John Stones (Manchester City) … Gerard Pique (Barcelona) … Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus) (Image credit: PA) … More items…•Jan 29, 2021