Question: What Are The Christmas Colors For 2019?

Blue Christmas

Green, red and gold may be the traditional festive colours, and will always be evident but for 2019 blue has joined the party.

Think deep midnight blues, aquamarine hues and ceruleans as both main and accent colours.

What color is for Christmas?

Since then, the color red and green became associated with Christmas. They symbolize Jesus Christ’s birth, death, and resurrection. The significance of the color red during the Christmas further increased due to Paradise Play.

These Decor Trends Will Be Huge in 2019, According to the Pros

  • 2019 Design Trend #1: Softer White Wall Paint Colors.
  • 2019 Design Trend #2: Wood Finishes.
  • 2019 Design Trend #3: Pewter and Gunmetal Hardware.
  • 2019 Design Trend #4: Colored Kitchen Cabinetry.
  • 2019 Design Trend #5: Open Shelving.
  • 2019 Design Trend #6: Exposed Shower Plumbing.
  • 2019 Design Trend #7: Porcelain Tile Mimics.

What are the colors for the holidays?

11 Holiday Color Palettes That Aren’t Red and Green

  1. Black + Red + Cream. Red is an iconic holiday color, but you can make it feel fresh with updated pairings.
  2. Forest Green + Blue + Black.
  3. Sage + Cranberry.
  4. Navy + Gray + Brown.
  5. Gray + Blue + Red.
  6. Burnt Red + Camel + Gold.
  7. Red + White + Gray.
  8. Blue-Gray + Pine Green + Navy.

Why are traditional Christmas colors red and green?

For hundreds of years, red and green have been the traditional colors of Christmas. Green, for example, represents the eternal life of Jesus Christ, just as evergreen trees remain green the whole winter long. Likewise, red represents the blood shed by Jesus Christ during his crucifixion.

What are good colors to wear for Christmas?

What Color Do You Wear on Christmas Eve?

  • Metallic Gold. For those who don’t enjoy decorating or dressing in the classic red and green Christmas colors, gold, silver, and/or white are often the go-to.
  • Wine, Burgundy, or Mulberry.
  • Traditional Greens.
  • Navy Blue.
  • Classic Black.
  • White or Winter White.

What are the colors for Christmas 2018?

Fresh Christmas Colors: 12 Combos You’ve Never Tried

  1. Parchment + White. Neutrals are a safe bet in interior design, and they can work just as well for holiday decorating.
  2. Parchment + White.
  3. White + Brown.
  4. Kelly Green + Baby Blue + White.
  5. Violet + Brown + Bronze + White.
  6. Turquoise + White + Parchment.
  7. White + Gold.
  8. Hot Pink + Lime Green + White + Red.

What decorating colors are in for 2019?

In 2019 we’ll see a rise in colors that are associated with optimism, like bold yellows and oranges. Sherwin Williams’ Afternoon, a rich and inviting yellow, pairs beautifully with cool blues, beiges, and pinks.

What colors are in for 2019?

These Are the Hottest Color Trends of 2019—So Far

  • 1 Dark Green. Sara Tramp for Emily Henderson Designs.
  • 2 Muted Pastels. Sherwin-Williams.
  • 3 Tinted Gray. Courtesy of Tessa Neustadt.
  • 4 Terracotta. Courtesy of Justina Blakeney.
  • 5 Mushroom. Courtesy of Erin Gates Design.
  • 6 Denim Blue. Ryan Garvin.
  • 7 Lavender.
  • 8 Pale Yellow.

Is GREY still in for 2019?

Gray walls quickly became overplayed. Neutral colors will always have a place in your home, but gray is on the decline for 2019. Next: They say this will never go out of style, but it’s a little boring.