Quick Answer: What Are Transitional Benefits?

Transitional Food Stamps (TFS) are 5 months of frozen food stamp benefits issued to families whose TANF Cash is canceled or SWAPped to a Category 94 or 96.

The family must already be receiving food stamps on the TANF case at the time of the cancellation or SWAP to be eligible to receive TFS benefits.

What is the difference between transitional medical assistance and Medicaid?

15 Transitional Medical Assistance (TMA) Under Medicaid Introduction Medicaid, a means-tested federal/state program that provides health care coverage to certain groups of individuals, requires that states continue Medicaid benefits for certain low-income families who would otherwise lose coverage because of changes in

Why do I have transitional Medicaid?

This type of Medicaid is called transitional Medicaid and lasts a few more months. To be eligible for transitional Medicaid Assistance you must also: have a child under 21 in your home, and. have lost eligibility because of increase in income from work, and.

What are transitional CalFresh benefits?

Transitional CalFresh benefits are designed to help households retain CalFresh benefits after discontinuing from the CalWORKs program to help ensure success in the transition from welfare to work. Entitlement to Transitional CalFresh benefits is determined by the worker without the household having to apply.

What is covered under transitional Medicaid?

Subject: Medicaid: Additional Enrollment and Expenditure Data for the Transitional. Medical Assistance Program. Transitional Medical Assistance (TMA) is a Medicaid program that offers up to 1 year. of additional Medicaid health insurance benefits for certain low-income families who. would otherwise lose coverage.