Quick Answer: What Did Margot Fonteyn Die From?





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Margot Fonteyn


When did Margot Fonteyn die?

February 21, 1991

What was Margot Fonteyn known for?

Dame Margot Fonteyn (born Margaret Hookham; 1919-1991) was an outstanding and beloved classical ballerina with an extensive career, from 1934 to 1979. She danced for England’s Royal Ballet, putting British ballet on the international map.

Who did Margot Fonteyn marry?

Roberto Arias

m. 1955–1989

When was Margot Fonteyn last performance?

Fonteyn died on 21 February 1991 in a hospital in Panama City, aged 71, on the 29th anniversary of her premiere with Nureyev in Giselle. She was buried with Arias near their home in Panama and a memorial service was held in London on 2 July 1991 at Westminster Abbey.