What Is A Commercial Illustrator?

Work Activities.

Commercial illustrators produce drawings, images, paintings or diagrams to communicate ideas or information visually, or to make a product easier to understand or appear more attractive.

What is commercial illustration?

Commercial art is the art of creative services, referring to art created for commercial purposes, primarily advertising. Commercial art uses a variety of platforms (magazines, websites, apps, television, etc.) for viewers with the intent of promoting sale and interest of products, services, and ideas.

What kind of work does an illustrator do?

What Does An Illustrator Do? Illustrators are professionals who use their artistic skill, technical knowledge and originality to come up with visual depictions of various concepts. Their work usually appears in children’s books, magazines, product labels, medical references, websites and other media.

What does it mean to be an illustrator?

An illustrator is an artist who specializes in enhancing writing or elucidating concepts by providing a visual representation that corresponds to the content of the associated text or idea.

Are illustrators in demand?

The demand for illustrators was forecast to be greater for those with knowledge of digital illustration software. Median wages for all fine artists in May 2018 were $48,960, according to the BLS. Illustrators are typically self-employed.

What are different types of illustration?

Types of Illustration


What is commercial design?

Definition. Commercial interior design refers to interior design in commercial spaces. These include offices, retail stores, restaurants, lobbies and other public spaces. Designers then work with the completed space to add furniture and decor to meet the original design goals.

Do illustrators get paid well?

Volunteering to make illustrations for a local publication is also a way to gain experience. In May 2017, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that illustrators and other fine artists made a median wage of $49,520 a year; one half of illustrators made less than that, and one half earned more than that.

What are the types of illustration?

Some words about the traditional types of illustration…

  1. Woodcutting.
  2. Metal etchings.
  3. Pencil Illustrations.
  4. Charcoal illustration.
  5. Lithography.
  6. Watercolor illustrations.
  7. Gouache illustrations.
  8. Acrylics illustration.

Do illustrators make good money?

According to a slightly dated survey done by the 3×3 magazine, there are illustrators in the US that earn as much as $948,000 per year. But, $530,000 of that amount came from other sources such as selling prints and commissioned work. The average income of the best illustrators in New York is around $100,000 per year.