Quick Answer: What Is Swan Lake About Matthew Bourne?

What’s the story behind Swan Lake?

“Swan Lake” is a timeless love story that mixes magic, tragedy, and romance into four acts.

It features Prince Siegfried and a lovely swan princess named Odette.

Under the spell of a sorcerer, Odette spends her days as a swan swimming on a lake of tears and her nights in her beautiful human form.

Who plays the Swan in Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake?

Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake has collected over 30 international awards, including the following: 1996 – Best New Dance Production, Laurence Olivier Awards.

Is Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake suitable for children?


The relationship between the lead swan and the Prince was of a passionate rather than an overtly sexual nature. MATTHEW BOURNE’S SWAN LAKE has been acclaimed as a landmark achievement on the international stage.

Why does the swan die in Swan Lake?

Siegfried chooses to die with her and they leap into the lake. This breaks Rothbart’s spell over the swan maidens, causing him to lose his power over them and he dies. In an apotheosis, the swan maidens watch as Siegfried and Odette ascend into the Heavens together, forever united in love.

What is the moral of Swan Lake?

The story imparts that through Siegfried’s love Odette can experience the freedom she desires–as his love will break the Sorcerers spell, which preserves her as a swan. Breaking the spell is a potent theme in Swan Lake. Odette embodies beauty and purity, but cannot fulfill her natural birthright as a woman.

What is the main theme of Swan Lake called?

Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake (Swan Theme)

Which dancer performed Bourne’s Swan Lake?

You can understand the Prince’s swan obsession. Matthew Ball, on loan from the Royal Ballet, is perfect casting as the Swan/Stranger, the Odette/Odile role of the original.

How many swans are there in Swan Lake?

120 dancers, 60 swans, 124 minutes of music: Swan Lake in-the-round returns to the Royal Albert Hall. First performed at the Royal Albert Hall in 1997, the English National Ballet’s Swan Lake returns from 17 – 28 June 2020, for its ninth in-the-round run at the iconic venue.

What is Matthew Bourne famous for?

Matthew Bourne, in full Sir Matthew Bourne, (born January 13, 1960, Hackney, London, England), British choreographer and dancer noted for his uniquely updated interpretations of traditional ballet repertoire. He was also known for his choreography for popular revivals of classic musicals.

What does the black swan represent in Swan Lake?

She has everything to embody the white swan or rather, on a second level, everything to embody Siegfried. Like him, she often has dreams haunted by a black bird—a representation of her repressed fantasies of rebellion, strength and desire for a woman (Lily, a fellow dancer).

Is the dying swan part of Swan Lake?

Pavlova was recorded dancing The Dying Swan in a 1925 silent film, to which sound is often added. The short ballet has influenced interpretations of Odette in Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, particularly during the parting of the lovers in the first lakeside scene. The ballet has been variously interpreted and adapted.

What is the Black Swan in Swan Lake?

Scène.—Siegfried chooses Odile as his bride, believing she is Odette. Von Rothbart flees the hall as an owl. Siegfried rushes into the night to find Odette. Tchaikovsky later put a pas de deux into Act 3 that is known as the “Black Swan pas de deux”.

What does Odette mean?

The name Odette is the female version of Otto, from the Old High German words “otho” and “odo”, which are derived from the French word “auda” meaning “rich”. Therefore, Odette is of French and Old German origin, and its meaning is “wealth”. Famous real-life people named Odette: | Edit. Odette Annable – American actress.

Why does Rothbart turn Odette into a swan?

Odette has been turned into a swan by the evil sorcerer Von Rothbart, and can only be released from the spell if a man pledges to love her for ever. Swans really are faithful: they choose a mate at the age of three or four, and stay together until they die.

How does Swan Lake End?

The original version, then called The Lake of The Swans and choreographed by Julius Reisinger, was premiered by the Bolshoi Ballet in 1877 and featured a happy ending when Siegfried, after a fight with the sorcerer, rips off Von Rothbart’s wing thereby destroying the spell he cast over the swan maidens and allowing him