Where Do Pulls Go On Shaker Cabinets?

The pull should be placed in the on the center, i.e 9” from the left and right of the edge of drawer fronts.

Shaker Cabinet Doors: When it comes to Shaker cabinet doors, the hardware placement is largely subjective.

Where do you put pulls on Shaker cabinets?

Where to Place Pulls on Cabinet Doors. For pulls (having two screws) on upper cabinets, the pull should be centered horizontally on the door stile and the bottom hole should be placed 2-1/2” up from the bottom of the door.

Where do pulls go on kitchen cabinets?

The location of knobs and pulls isn’t written in stone, but there are some standard practices. One good rule of thumb is to line up a knob with the top of the bottom door rail. If you’re installing door pulls, line up the bottom of the pull with the top of the door rail. Always center them on the door stile.

What hardware looks best on Shaker cabinets?

We’ve selected some of the top hardware styles for shaker cabinets, and what looks they will bring to your kitchen.

  • Classic – Ceramic Knobs.
  • Elegant – Glass Knobs.
  • SIMPLE- brass/nickel knobs.
  • MODERN – tubular bar pulls.
  • Sleek – Flat Bar Pulls.
  • VINTAGE- bin pulls.
  • RETRO – latches.
  • INDUSTRIAL – pulls with exposed screws.

What size pulls for Shaker cabinets?

For standard-sized cabinets, 3- or 4-inch and 96- or 128-millimeter pulls are most common.

Should you put knobs or pulls on kitchen cabinets?

Cabinet pulls and knobs aren’t always considered like they should be, but the style that you pick can really impact the feel of your kitchen space. The hardware is just as important as your cabinets.

Can you mix knobs and pulls on kitchen cabinets?

Knobs, pulls, and other handles are like jewelry for cabinets. The right kitchen cabinet hardware can complement and accentuate the lines, colors, and textures of your space. The placement and positioning of cabinet hardware also makes a kitchen more functional.

Where should drawer pulls be placed?

When drawers are 24″ wide or wider, we often like to double up on knobs or pulls. To place this hardware correctly, divide the drawer into thirds and place the hardware in the left and right portions of the drawer.

Where do you put cup pulls on drawers?

In this case, you’ll still need to find the center of the drawer and then you’ll install each cup pull halfway between the center of the drawer and the edge of the drawer. For Cabinet Doors: You won’t be centering the pulls for cabinet doors. Instead, it will be installed on the side of the door opposite its hinges.

What is a Shaker cabinet?

Shaker kitchen cabinets are our most popular style of cabinet doors. Shaker style cabinets are characterized by a five-piece door with a recessed center panel. Some shaker cabinets are very clean and simple, while other have decorative edge detailing. The drawer fronts of shaker cabinets can also differ.

The Top Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Choices

  1. Stainless Steel Bar Pull (19010-SS)
  2. Candler Satin Nickel Rectangular Knob (29340-G10)
  3. Candler Satin Nickel Pull (29349-G10)
  4. Oil Rubbed Bronze Rope Knob (53471-ORB)
  5. Oil Rubbed Bronze Scroll Pull (53470-ORB)
  6. Conrad Bridge Satin Nickel Pull (29202-G10)

What color pulls for gray cabinets?

Handy Hardware

If you have a warm-tone gray, gold drawer pulls are very flattering, especially if they’re paired with a gold sink faucet. Cooler gray tones, or gray cabinets with a blue-ish hue, tend to look best with traditional silver hardware.

Where do you put knobs and handles on kitchen cabinets?

Most people place the hardware between 2 and 4 inches from the bottom edge of the door. A modern approach is to line the bottom edge of the hardware with the top edge of the rail. If you’re using knobs, centering them in the corner of the frame gives the cabinets a traditional look.