Who Founded Restoration Hardware?

When was Restoration Hardware founded?

1998, Eureka, CA

Where was Restoration Hardware founded?

Eureka, CA

Are Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn owned by the same company?

Pottery Barn is a U.S.-based home furnishings store chain, with retail stores in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Mexico, and Australia. Over the years, the company expanded across the United States and to the West Coast. It was acquired by The Gap Inc. (NYSE: GPS) in 1983.

How much is Gary Friedman worth?

Gary Friedman net worth and salary: Gary Friedman is an American businessman and retailer who has a net worth of $350 million dollars. Gary Friedman was born in San Francisco, California, and was raised by his single mother. He began working in retail in the late 70s, after securing a job as a stock boy at The Gap.

Where is Restoration Hardware manufactured?

First and foremost, the Lexington furniture is made in America and Restoration Hardware’s sofas are made in China (I know, I know, the lady at your RH store told you that they make furniture in the United States, but she was lying). The Lexington is made in our own plant right here in Newton, North Carolina.

How many locations does Restoration Hardware have?

The company sells its merchandise through its retail stores, catalog, and online. As of August, 2018, the company operated a total of 70 galleries, 18 full line design galleries, and 6 baby & child galleries. The company also has 36 outlet stores in the United States and Canada.