Quick Answer: Will Plantation Shutters Add Value To Home?

Custom Shutters and Resale Value

Plantation shutters add to the value of your home because they stay with the house.

Most window coverings are temporary and homeowners may leave them behind with the home but the choice is largely up to the owner.

Do plantation shutters increase home value?

Increase Appraisal Value of Your Home

The other benefit of plantation shutters is that they make a great first impression, and might result in an offer much faster than a home that has more mundane or outdated window treatments.

Are plantation shutters worth it?

Plantation shutters are usually installed indoors rather than outdoors. If you pay to have them professionally installed, it will run you about $100 an hour, but it may be worth it, because they can be harder to hang than traditional ones.

How much does it cost to put in plantation shutters?

Generally, the fair price ranges from $15 to $25 per square foot for plantation shutters. Plantation shutter costs depend primarily on size and secondarily on the window treatment installation and material.

Should I add shutters to my house?

There’s more depth to them when they are not pasted” to the house, he says. Don’t feel you have to put shutters on every window. Don’t use a shutter on one side of a window where a door or the corner of the house prevents you from adding its mate. Also, consider painting shutters the same color as your front door.

Which plantation shutters are the best?

What is the Best Material for Plantation Shutters

  • PVC. Poly Vinyl Chloride has for long been the preferred shutter material for many households.
  • Foamed Synthetics. Foamed synthetic shutters are more affordable than wooden shutters.
  • Composite Wood.
  • Alder.
  • Basswood.
  • Laminated Shutters.
  • In Conclusion.

What is the difference between plantation shutters and traditional shutters?

The main design element to look for in traditional shutters is the small, narrow louvers. As a result of the small space in between each slat these shutters were more popular for smaller windows. The Look Of Plantation Shutters. The biggest difference for plantation shutters is the much wider louver style.

Are plantation shutters still in style?

And because it is still and will remain in style for the foreseeable future, it’s a smart investment into your home. To learn more about our plantation shutters, and how they can help turn your home into a interior design masterpiece, contact us.

Do plantation shutters darken a room?

People often worry that interior shutters will automatically make their room dark and cave-like. When installed properly, open shutters won’t rob a room of any light at all, and when they’re closed, they’ll provide all the darkness you want or need.

Do plantation shutters keep heat in?

Shutters are excellent insulators as well as perfect for deflecting sunlight. Your energy bills will be lower when you have shutters installed. In the winter, the shutters provide an added layer of insulation. During the summer, you can adjust the shutters to deflect the sunshine so the rooms don’t heat up.